Bright Beginnings for a Happy Future

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Wedding days go by so fast. So many of the experiential elements of getting married – the flowers, the food – are only at their best for a few hours. Isn’t that a shame? When you incorporate a Copper Fields Design piece, such as a copper wedding canopy, the lovely Aurora planter, or the sweet whimsy of Gotta Have Heart, into your ceremony, you’re choosing a piece of artwork that will last forever – just like your love!

Extend the Joy of Your Wedding Day

Copper is an incredibly durable metal. That’s why you see builders use copper for roofing. It’s tough enough to stand up to anything the environment can throw at it, for a long, long time. Not a bad symbol for two people who are joining forces to weather life’s storms!

Copper is also spectacularly beautiful. Penny-bright and shiny when first worked, copper changes in color and texture over time.  In much the same way, a couple’s romance blossoms over the course of their years together. The results can be breathtaking. Sam has worked extensively developing his technique with patina and texture so he can custom craft exactly the look you’re seeking for your wedding day.

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Of Course Love Changes: It Gets Better!

Sometimes couples who are about to get married have some anxiety about the future. Will their love always be as strong as it is right now? Will the passion stay the same? Those of us who have been hitched for a while can offer a type of mixed assurance: nothing ever stays the same, including romance, but the change you see can totally be for the better.

Change can play a role in designing your copper wedding canopy or chuppah. For most of us, these beautiful items are not the type of thing we’re going to need every day. That’s why Sam works closely with couples to determine the best way to reconfigure the elements of your wedding canopy to be most useful over the years. In his artistic hands, a copper chuppah can see new life as an exquisite headboard – a choice with lovely symbolism! – or as umbrella stands, planters, or other copper indoor furniture. Have the beauty of your wedding day made into a piece of functional art you can use and enjoy every day!

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