Elegant beauty and privacy for your lawn or garden, Copper Fields Design Trellises are the perfect solution when you love your neighbors – but don’t want to see them all the time!

By providing an elegant aesthetic screen that supports climbing vines and plants, our line of custom made copper garden trellises allow you to define the view. Let every window look out upon a world of beauty!

As you browse the Trellises Gallery, remember that every copper trellis is a one-of-a kind handmade custom creation. Sam can create your trellis in any size, shape, material, finish, and patina you desire. If you’d like, our team can also landscape the planters with beautiful plantings and flowers of your choosing.


  • Whimsy

    “Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly” – Rose Franken We have to agree with Rose Franken; real lovers know a thing or two about whimsy! Sam channeled this notion into a gorgeous custom copper screen, featuring nature inspired leaves and hidden hearts. With its whimsical design and delicate patina, […]

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    Copper Accents: Custom Copper Screen
  • Chuppahs & Wedding Canopy

    The perfect setting for the most important day of your life. Custom hand built chuppahs and wedding canopies add to the beauty of your wedding ceremony.

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  • Belle

    Sophisticated whimsy, Belle is a darling addition to your garden.

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  • Catalina

    Inspired by the peaceful, inviting Channel Islands in California, Catalina brings sunny serenity to the landscape.

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  • Rampart

    Sam’s hands-on approach to texture results in Rampart, the garden-ready embodiment of beauty and brawn.

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  • Hush

    Put love in your landscape with Hush.

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  • Landsberg

    Bold and distinctive, the Landsberg’s sleek, unique lines make it one of our most popular pieces.

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