Inspiration gallery

Welcome to the Inspiration Gallery. In this collection, you’ll find some of Sam’s most breathtakingly beautiful work. Use these photos to guide and inspire you as you dream up your own piece of life style jewelry: a Copper Fields Studio custom creation.

  • Gotta Have Heart

    When home is where your heart is, you want to let the whole world know.

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    Heart Shaped Copper Sculpture
  • The Giant’s Chair Outside the Looking Glass

    Even giants need company! Designed as a companion piece to A Giant’s Chair, this colossal chair is the perfect seat to sit and daydream.

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  • A Giant Chair Outside the Looking Glass

    When you need a place to dream big dreams!

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  • Aurora

    In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the dawn.

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    Aurora Copper Planter & Sculpture
  • Shitake Table

    A kitchen favorite returns to its forest home.

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  • Picket Bench

    Bring vintage pizzazz into your yard with the Picket Bench.

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