Inspiration gallery

Welcome to the Inspiration Gallery. In this collection, you’ll find some of Sam’s most breathtakingly beautiful work. Use these photos to guide and inspire you as you dream up your own piece of life style jewelry: a Copper Fields Studio custom creation.

  • Shutter Window Box

    Wonderful whimsy for your home.

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    Copper Shutters & Window Box
  • Sconce Planters

    Strong and elegant, the Sconce Planters make a statement on your porch, patio, or in the garden.

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    Large Sconce Shaped Copper Planters
  • Sam and Planters

    The man and his work. Sam Spano stands amidst a collection of his exquisite copper planters.

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    Copper Planters with Sam
  • Oval Copper Planter

    Sam elevates a familiar form to new heights in the Oval Copper Planter.

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    Oval Shaped Copper Planter
  • Inside the Looking Glass of Tiny Tea Party

    Create a magic moment in your garden with the Inside the Looking Glass Tiny Tea Party.

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    Tiny Copper Tea Party Set
  • Fire Pit Table

    Is there anything better in life than gathering with your family and friends for a relaxing evening?

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    Copper Table Top on Fire Pit Table
  • Copper Potting Counter

    Make your workroom a beautiful place.

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    Copper Potting Counter
  • Barbara

    Beautiful flowers should reside in beautiful containers.

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    Modern Copper Vase - Barara
  • Railing Planters

    Elevate the everyday view from your porch or balcony with one of Sam’s popular copper railing planters. Durable copper and ipe construction sits securely on top of your railing, providing a beautiful setting for your favorite plantings. Works well individually or in small groupings. Prices Range from $100 to $250 Per Foot

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    Copper Railing Planter with Purple Flowers
  • Buddha’s Cave

    This unique custom art installation piece is a one-of-a-kind creation custom designed for a friend in Scarsdale, NY.

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  • Imagine Kitchen Table

    The finest of fine dining experiences occurs when the table itself is a piece of art.

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  • Gotta Have Heart

    When home is where your heart is, you want to let the whole world know.

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    Heart Shaped Copper Sculpture