Our homes can be many things: a center to entertain family, a quiet retreat from the world, the base where your family connects, building the bonds that last a life time. Shouldn’t it be beautiful? Sam devotes a special measure of his skill and artistry to every custom piece of indoor furniture he creates, because he believes home matters.

Custom crafted copper chairs and benches are comfortable, functional pieces of art where your family and friends can gather for conversation, cocktails, or to just relax in each other’s company. Custom copper tables serve as design anchors in the home, providing beautiful focal points that support your decorating choices – and your dinner!

In the furniture world, it is well known that comfort is directly dependent on design. Sam focuses his experience and artistry on ensuring every copper chair and bench he creates is as magnificent to sit in as it is to look at. Sturdy and secure, Copper Fields Indoor Furniture brings an inviting sense of warmth and relaxation into your home. Every piece incorporates durable, planet-friendly reclaimed materials such as copper, pressure-treated wood, recycled plastic buckets and reclaimed Ipe that will stand the test of time.

Custom Copper Indoor Furniture: Easy Elegance For Your Home
Every piece of Copper Fields Design Indoor Funiture is a custom creation. Sam will work with you or your decorator directly to create a one of a kind piece of functional art that will add beauty and style to your home for years.

As you browse the Furniture Gallery, remember that every piece of copper indoor furniture is fully customizable. Sam can create your table, chair, or bench in any size, shape, material, finish, and patina you desire. These versatile pieces work well outdoors as well!


  • Two in One

    Two benches are better than one. Two tables too. Two in one. Modern yet industrial, Two in One design is perfect for sitting and also serves as side tables wherever your heart desires.

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  • Juxtaposition Table

    A study in contrasts, the Juxtasposition table brings together two sets of opposites: two textures and two finishes strategically combined for beautiful results.

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  • Willow

    The beauty of custom copper furniture lies in its versatility. What one sees as the perfect piece for his dining room another can find use for on her patio. Willow is the perfect example. Pictured here as the ideal rustic serving station, just waiting to house glassware and cocktail fixings at your next soiree, Willow […]

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    Willow: Copper Serving Station and Potting Bench
  • Stretch

    Long, low and lean, Stretch combines Sam’s skilled craftsmanship with a minimalist design aesthetic that works well in any home.

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  • Imagine Kitchen Table

    The finest of fine dining experiences occurs when the table itself is a piece of art.

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  • Floating Table

    Magic and mystery make for exquisite home décor.

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  • Bench Table

    Versatile beauty for the classically casual home.

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  • Iguana Chair

    The ultimate in cruelty-free leather!

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