Custom Process


“When I see something beautiful, I immediately picture it in copper, and try building it as close to what I imagined,” Sam said. “Sometimes, the process sparks a new idea and I end up creating something completely different. That’s where the real magic begins.”


“Ultimately, all art is a conversation. When we create art, we’re trying to say something to the people who see it. When you choose artwork for your home or landscape, you’re communicating something important about yourself to everyone who encounters it. Without saying a word, you’re making a statement about who you are.”

Collaboration is central to Sam’s process. Because every Copper Fields Design Studio piece is a custom creation, he works individually with the artwork’s owner, making sure he understands their vision, needs and desires before starting work in the studio. Through the process, Sam keeps that understanding paramount in his mind.  His artwork can be created to solve a problem, such as a less-than-perfect view, or simply for its own sake.

Sam also welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with talented artisans and colleagues. Working together with horticulturist Kai Hinkaty and Arborist and Bonsai expert Ralph Padilla he has created beautiful functional artwork. Of course, his favorite collaborator is his wife Suzanne, who works with him on designs and new ideas. Sam would love to collaborate with your Landscape Designer as well.


Every Copper Fields Design creation is completely custom. This means you can choose the style, design, size, and patina of your copper planter, landscape trellis, or copper furniture.

Each of our copper creations is unique and carefully handcrafted to last a lifetime, using durable, planet-friendly materials like reclaimed wood flooring and plastic paint buckets. Designed and built in the material of your choice, Sam wraps each piece in copper, fastened by copper tacks, ties, nails or rivets. None of the materials are soldered.

Choose to have your copper planter, landscape trellis, or copper furniture finished in a variety of ways, from hammered to axed. We can also allow for the copper to age naturally or patina it for an instant aged appearance.

Copper Fields also offers custom pieces built to your specifications — designed to blend seamlessly with a variety of styles and surroundings. Contact us to get started on your custom project.


Understanding Patina & Texture

Dynamic Beauty: Choosing Your Patina

There are many reasons people love copper. It’s a warm, inviting metal with strong tactile appeal – people can’t keep themselves from touching Copper Fields creations, no matter how hard they try! Copper is strong, durable, and enduring, which makes it a perfect choice for planters, trellises, and indoor and outdoor furniture. But it is the patina that makes copper exceptionally compelling.

What is Patina?

Copper is a uniquely reactive material. When it comes from the Earth, copper ore is a distinctive bright reddish-orange. With exposure to nature’s elements – particularly rain, wind, and the sun – copper undergoes a startling change. The surface of the copper changes from a reddish-orange to a distinctive, lovely blue-green. This new green surface is known as the patina.

Be prepared to be patient if you want the patina to form organically. The process can take as long as 50 years!

Better Living Through Chemistry: Mastering the Patina

As an artist, Sam is completely devoted to capturing the versatile beauty of copper. He’s learned several techniques to creatively manipulate the patina process, and the results are a rainbow of beautiful options.

Combining his artistic insight with technical prowess, Sam can create an amazingly beautiful blue-green patina in a fraction of the time that it takes nature to do it. And that’s not all! His custom-created patinas are available in red, black, purple, and a lush chocolate brown.

Choosing the Best Patina for Your Copper Fields Creation

People often ask us which patina is best. The simple answer to that is “Choose the color that fills your heart with the most joy!” Consider where your Copper Fields creation will be situated within your home or landscape. Sam will work closely with you to find the patina that best enhances the beautiful setting you’re creating.