Nature Provides the Perfect Studio for Copper Fields

Monday, June 23, 2014

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Copper Fields Copper Furniture & Accents Studio

The environment in which we view artwork, home décor accents, and garden design elements impacts our feelings towards the pieces. For instance, it can be difficult to picture a painting seen on the wall of a trendy gallery being at home on the wall in a cozy bedroom or imagine a trellis found hanging in a big box store supporting botanicals in your garden.

Similarly, the work that we do often reflects the environment in which we do it – surely you notice a difference in the projects you work on at the office versus those completed when working from home.

Keeping these points in mind, Sam has carefully selected the perfect space for his studio: our garden. It is here that our clients can truly see how our custom copper trellises play off climbing plants and how our custom copper furniture can add both style and function to their homes and gardens. Viewing our custom copper planters, furniture, trellises and other accents in their natural environment enhances our clients’ experiences.

Additionally, working outside inspires Sam in a way that an outdoor studio can’t be matched in an indoor space. From finding creative ways to use copper in our own garden – such as this lovely copper peony support – to pulling elements of nature into his designs – like the bark inspired texturing on these copper planters – Sam’s creativity thrives without the limitations imposed by four walls and a roof. What’s more, the sun and weather assist in the patina process, creating natural pieces touched by the elements.

Throughout this piece, we’ve shared photos of our studio garden, but even the highest quality images can’t do its beauty justice. Stop by and see us to browse our copper planters, furniture and more, gain inspiration for your custom copper project, or just visit with us and enjoy the lovely scenery!