Copper Garden Supports for Peonies, Tomatoes and More

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Custom Copper Plant Supports Spring has finally arrived and you know what that means. It’s time to transition into the outdoor studio. We’ve found that the best place to work on and display our copper accents, planters and furniture is our flourishing garden. Nature provides continual inspiration, both with her own beautiful creations and with her insistence on doing things her own way.

Take peonies, for example. They’re really one of the gems of the garden – large, lush, colorful blooms that are visually striking, smell great, and just draw the eye like a magnet attracts iron with their large, plentiful blooms. The peony right outside the window where we’re writing this has 9 buds on it right now.

But guess what happens when a peony is in full flower? Gravity happens. All of those big, beautiful blooms are too heavy for their stems. They fall over into the dirt. You can support them with wooden stakes and rope – a functional but hardly elegant solution. Sam, being Sam, said, “There has to be a better way!” Shouldn’t the flowers’ support be as beautiful as the flowers themselves?

Here is the result: custom copper peony supports. There are three things we really love about theses peony supports.

One: they’re beautiful – if you have your peonies growing in the front yard, near the entrance to your home, where they can be seen from the street, the copper peony support is a gorgeous frame for a lovely floral picture. It’s a distinctive stylish detail for the homeowner who cares about appearances.

Even on their own, awaiting plants to support or standing on their own in the dead of winter, the beauty of these copper plant supports shine – can you say the same about those wooden stakes?

Two: they’re long-lasting. Sam’s copper artwork literally lasts forever. When you have him make some copper peony supports – or any of his custom copper trellises or amazing copper planters – you can do so knowing you’re going to have them to enjoy for decades!

This takes the hassle out of enjoying your peonies every year, too – no more searching for stakes and ropes and pounding everything into position. Sam’s copper peony supports provide simple, easy elegance for your garden.

Three: they’re customizable. All of Copper Fields Design’s copper accents, planters, and furniture pieces are one-of-a-kind, made completely by hand, unique creation. Sam can create the custom peony support in any size or configuration – whatever works best for your garden!

Imagine the possibilities! Those of you who grow tomatoes know what a headache keeping them upright can sometimes be – especially if you’ve got big, heavy Beefsteaks that need to stay off the ground. A custom copper garden support is strong and beautiful – light years ahead of the flimsy, throwaway tomato cages you can get at the garden center! Eggplants and climbing roses also benefit from the support.

Would you like to have beautiful copper garden supports made for your peonies or other garden treasures? Give us a call today and we’ll put Sam to work!

Copper Garden Supports for Peonies, Tomatoes and More
Article Name
Copper Garden Supports for Peonies, Tomatoes and More
Form meets function with these custom copper plant supports, because your garden deserves accessories as beautiful as your flowers and plants.