Autumn Elegance for the Garden: Copper Shines in the Fall

Friday, August 29, 2014

Categories:Copper Accents In the Garden

Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf’s a flower. – Albert Camus

Here at Copper Fields Design Studio, we have to admit to being more than a little bit fond of fall. How can you not enjoy the riot of colors Nature provides us with every autumn? Many times, the dramatic patina colors Sam creates when he’s working with the copper have their antecedents in the glories of fall.

Copper Planter with VerbendaWe love working and relaxing outdoors, and we know that many of our friends & customers feel the same way. The good times don’t have to come to an end when the temperature (and leaves!) start falling. Luckily, our copper planters, trellises, and other garden ornaments are hand-built to be beautiful in all four seasons. Here’s what you can do to freshen up your favorite Copper Fields Design studio pieces for the fall:

Copper Planters: When the summer annuals peter out, replace them with Mums. They’re cheerful, hardy, and affordable. Go for a classic look by using Mums of all one size and color, or mix things up for a more playful, whimsical feel. Mini-Mums are just darling and have a real impact in copper planters positioned in a porch or windowsill – they’ll have you smiling until the snow flies!

If you’re looking for a little something different for your fall copper planters, choose Ornamental Grasses, Decorative Cabbage and Kale, Pansies, Sedum Autumn Joy, Salvia, Oxalis, Verbena and Heuchera. Your planters can compliment what it is in your garden such as Dahlias, Anemone, Shasta Daisies and more, some of which can thrive through the fall, and even until the first frost.

Fall Garden and Copper Bird BathCopper Trellises: Sam’s copper trellises are the ideal support for some of summer’s glorious climbing vines, including morning glories, clematis and honey suckle. In the fall, these vines aren’t quite as pretty. Pull back the dead growth (it’ll return in the spring) and check out how great a copper trellis looks supporting a vibrant bittersweet wreath or colorful ornamental corn arrangements.

Copper Garden Ornaments: Fall is the ideal time to visit your copper garden ornaments and make sure they’re looking fresh. Our products don’t need any maintenance –the fact that the patina grows richer over time is a feature, not a bug! – but you will want to make sure no cobwebs, debris, or other distractions mars the beauty. Simply brush these offending items away and smile, knowing you’re going to have the best looking garden in the neighborhood this fall!