Accessorizing Your Garden: Adding Copper Accents To Express Your Personal Style

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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No two gardens look the same. That’s rather the point: as a homeowner, you want your lawn, flower beds and vegetable patch to be a reflection of your style. The landscape is an extension of our selves. It’s a space where we can share what we think is beautiful and important with the rest of the world.

There are two routes to making your garden and landscape uniquely yours. The first is in the selection of flowers, shrubs, and other plantings – the home surrounded by lilacs and climbing roses is very different than the home surrounded by birds of paradise flowers and bamboo! The second is by the addition of artwork to the garden.

Some of the copper artwork Sam creates for the garden is very functional.

Copper benches provide lovely outdoor seating: a great place to relax and enjoy your flowers. Kids and grandkids really love the Giant’s Chair – can you imagine how much fun they’ll have in this throne?

Sam has just created the copper peony support for our own garden. It’s a beautiful way to prop up peonies, climbing roses, and even tomatoes and we’d be happy to work with you to develop stylish and strong supports for those in your garden. We’re particularly fond of his copper trellises. And of course, you can add enduring elegance and easy style to your garden with a custom copper planter.

Then there are copper accents that are purely about being beautiful. If you’re looking to add some whimsy and charm to your landscape, you’ll want to know about Gotta Have Heart. Click through to see how this simple copper sculpture looks gorgeous all year long. For stately elegance and classic style, choose Aurora. Its timeless lines and captivating patina make Aurora a favorite of many of our clients and friends. Aurora works so well individually and in groups: arranged along a footpath it’s breathtakingly beautiful. For a little something special, hang I Love You to the Moon and Back from your favorite tree. This copper tree ornament is charming year round.

Your garden and landscape should make you happy. Copper furniture and artwork are ideal for expressing your style and making your outdoor space a joyful one. They’re durable, enduring, and gorgeous. Every piece is custom made, to delight you and look just right in your yard. Give us a call to find out more!

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Accessorizing Your Garden: Adding Copper Accents To Express Your Personal Style
From planters and seating to peony supports and decor, custom copper accents marry form with function to create your dream garden.