Looking Glass Copper Chairs

Inside & Outside the Looking Glass

Talk about imagination, I was working with my client! He wanted a giant chair by his pond that he could see from afar. We discussed size, shape and texture. When it measured out to be 3’Wx 4’H x2’D, I named it “Giant Chair.” While I was designing the chair I found it to be reminiscent of the size changes in Alice in Wonderland. this was not client’s intention but having this story in my mind added to the fun and creative process.. After delivery of the Giant chair, my client decided he wanted an even bigger copper chair as well: 4’Wx 3’D x 6’H. We named this one “The Giant’s Chair”. From a distance, they fit in the scenery appearing to be normal sized chairs.  As you approach the copper chairs, they take on a totally different appearance— growing before your very eyes– just like Alice’s experience in Wonderland.

I was getting such a kick out of building these copper chairs that I thought how great it would be to make a mini scene something like a Tea Party.

Tiny Tea Party Copper Accents Copper Chairs - Tiny Tea Party Distant A Giant & The Giant's Copper Chairs Giant Copper Chairs in Place A Giant Copper Chair in Fog A Giant & The Giant's Copper Chair Reflections

Chair in Progress

Giant's Copper Chair in Progress Giant's Copper Chair in Progress Sam working on the Giant's Copper ChairProgress on the Giants Copper ChairClose Up of Giant's Copper Chair Giant's Copper Chair Patina ProgressGiant's & Normal Size Copper ChairGiant's Copper Chair in WinterGiant Copper Chair in Garden