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Imagine Kitchen Table Top

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Toni had a glass kitchen table top that she wanted to change. She loves copper and wanted CFD to make the top. Toni chose a patina and texture from my samples. While I was in her kitchen, I noticed a pattern in her granite counter near the table. The vision stood out in my mind and was very clear as I was back in my studio applying the patina to the copper.  On the second coat the patina took on a similar and complimentary pattern to that of the counter. I was so excited I called Toni and asked her if I could come to show her the patina. She was so pleased with the result that we stopped there. I went back to my studio to add the final touches on this copper table top. Upon delivery, Toni was so excited she burst out “Look what we did together!” When her friends came over she asked if they noticed anything different. No one did! It was a pure example of how perfectly that match was if it had been there forever.




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Imagine Copper Kitchen Table Top