Custom Copper Accent: Buddha with Copper

Buddha’s Cave

A client asked me to make something to sit on the top shelf of a bookcase in her office.  She sent a picture of that corner of her office. On the bottom shelf sat a beautiful porcelain Buddha. Just above the Buddha’s head was the shelf in question.


As soon as I saw this picture, I envisioned removing the top shelf and covering the wall of the corner in back of the Buddha with copper to enhance its beauty (like a veneer). After thinking about this, she agreed that this would be the perfect enhancement and would really pull the room together and give the Buddha the attention it deserved.

Copper Accents - Buddha BackdropI then showed her samples of various textures and patinas. Within minutes, she picked the perfect match. I then texturized and patina’d the copper sheet. As I was doing this, I stopped the process to show her how it looked because I found the patina to be extraordinary and even more of a perfect match.

Happily she agreed and I then proceeded with the installation.