Jessica and Matthew’s Chuppah

Every piece we do is special, but Jessica and Matthew’s Copper Chuppah will always be one of my favorites. It is such a privilege and honor to have your artwork play a role in a wedding, which is truly one of the most important and memorable days of their lives.

Eleanor, Jessica’s mother, had seen some of my work on display at the Be True Yoga Studio. She just knew that her daughter would love my art. A custom copper Chuppah would be the perfect setting for the wedding day, as well as an heirloom the new family would treasure. A chuppah is the traditional wedding canopy used during Jewish marriage ceremonies.


This Chuppah was truly a collaborative design. Jessica, Matthew, Eleanor and Barbara, the groom’s mother, all came here to the studio. Together, we talked about the Chuppah. Hearing their ideas and thoughts was central in creating a wedding canopy that was perfect for them; totally custom in style, shape and design and completely hand built for the ultimate in artistry and craftsmanship. For inspiration, they enjoyed looking around the workshop and seeing the different trellises, planters and art pieces I’d done previously.  There’s nothing quite like seeing the textures and patinas the copper can achieve in person to open your eyes to all the possibilities.

Take a tour from the comfort of your own home by visiting our Wedding Inspiration Gallery to see Jessica and Matthew’s Chuppah and our other copper wedding accents now.

Your Vision, Sam’s Artistry: The Custom Design Process

After that studio session, I sketched a few preliminary ideas. They shared their thoughts, and for the coming weeks emails and photographs went back and forth.
There were practical considerations to take into account: a Chuppah needs to be both sturdy and portable. Copper Field Design wedding canopies are designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble quickly. Our preliminary design included 4 planters and 16 trellis panels.

Now the real designing began. I designed the Chuppah through Jessica’s eyes. When she walked into the ceremony, all eyes would be on her and her eyes were on Matt under the beautiful copper Chuppah that led to a windowed wall outside into infinity.

I literally got chills while designing and – while it may sound corny – I still have them when I envision it. The idea of infinity while designing the Chuppah would then reinforce the idea of the bride and groom’s love lasting an eternity.

To achieve this visually, the copper Chuppah needed to appear that it went on for infinity. In my design with achieved that with a narrower entrance, a wider back and carefully pitching the roof. This drew the eye in, framing the lovely moment and focusing the attention on watching the groom and his bride become husband and wife.

The results were ethereal:


After the wedding, time was spent thinking about how the Chuppah could bring the new family the most joy. There are many ways the trellises and planters can be reconfigured.  For example, the trellises can be reconfigured into an exquisite headboard, umbrella stand or other piece of functional art that can be used and enjoyed as furniture.  Other choices include using the elements of the wedding canopy in the garden or to decorate a patio, porch, or lawn. If you can imagine it, Sam can create it!

The family’s choice was to leave the planters as planters with corner trellises attached; the remaining trellises were made into plant stands.

This really extended the life of the Chuppah, making it an ongoing source of joy for the young couple. It’s an approach I’d strongly recommend to anyone who is thinking about having a custom copper Chuppah or wedding canopy made.