Estere Wall with Copper Planters

Estere’s Vision

Sketch for Estere Copper Planters Estere had a beautiful stone wall built with the foresight to include pockets to hold planters.As she searched the web she found Copper Fields Design Studio. Intrigued by our unique one of a kind two tier planters Estere knew immediately this is what she wanted. Now we had to settle on size, texture and patina. Sketches were first drafted and emailed and while we  continued collaborating over the phone Estere also came to the studio to decide on patina and texture.

Not only did we meet Estere but we met her partner and her tiny dog Lil Eddie. We all hit it off so well. While we showed them around our studio, Lil Eddie and Luigi our 70 pound dog played endlessly until they collapsed.

Estere being a woman that knows exactly what she wants did not take long to choose a patina and texture out of the many samples of planters and functional art here at The Copper Fields Design Studio. It was the natural looking bark like texture and a natural aged patina using only the sun and water. She also wanted nothing but top of the line materials and chose 16 ounce copper and ipe wood which would yield heirlooms to last a lifetime.

While texturizing and patinating the two tier planters I kept visualizing the stone wall and the mortar. After completing all four planters they appeared as if they had been part of  the wall forever.

While at the studio Estere had commented on how beautifully landscaped many of the planters were and requested that we do the same for her. One of our Landscape designers Kai Hinkaty ( worked his magic pulling everything together. We all work as team here at Copper Fields Design Studio, but it all started with Estere’s vision that put this into motion. The planters on Estere’s stone wall will be there for future generations to enjoy.Estere Copper Planter