My Story

The Path to the Studio

Throughout my life, I’ve always been very handy. I enjoyed working with my hands, especially on house and apartment renovations. However, I did what many young men do, and went into the family business. For nearly 40 years, I was driving a truck, delivering fuel oil in the freezing New England winters and ice during our sweltering summers.  Read More About Us

Copper Field Designs: Beautiful Solutions To Landscaping Challenges

“I knew I needed to entirely obstruct the view,” Sam said, “so I started by making a screen out of large wood planters and placing them along the top of our adjoining stone wall. Not satisfied with the look of plain wood, I decided to clad them in copper. Then I added some patina, and the Copper Fields Design Studio was born.”

Over the years, Sam’s passion for creating beautiful, functional copper art and decor  has grown. In addition to planters, Copper Field Design Studios is now your source for lovely garden trellises, one of a kind handcrafted copper furniture, and sculptures that add delight and wonder to your landscape.

A resourceful and accessible local artist, Sam is unique in his devotion to a collaborative process. Every Copper Fields Design Studio piece is unique, created specifically to reflect your needs and wishes. We’re always happy to consult with you on how to best position and use your Copper Fields Designs artwork, from choosing plantings for your new handmade trellis to helping you position your custom copper chairs on the patio!

Enduring Beauty Indoors and Out

The art of making a house a home is one of gradual transformation. Each choice you make in your lawn, garden, or interior of your home puts your personal stamp on your living environment.  Sam custom crafts every creation to enhance and augment the design choices you’ve already made. You can choose Copper Fields Designs confidently, knowing that this functional artwork will last a lifetime. Here’s how you get started.