The Path to the Studio

Throughout my life, I’ve always been very handy. I enjoyed working with my hands, especially on house and apartment renovations. However, I did what many young men do, and went into the family business. For nearly 40 years, I was driving a truck, delivering fuel oil in the freezing New England winters and ice during our sweltering summers.

I spent many of those hours at the wheel, thinking, planning, and imagining. I knew that I wanted something different, something more. When my time as a driver came to an end, I knew it was time for me to give my dreams a chance to come true. Read More About My Story

Surrounded By Inspiration

Copper has always captivated my attention. As I drove through the city, I always was taking notice of all the beautiful copper rooflines and architectural details. Copper is a very forgiving material – goldsmiths use it to practice their craft! – and so it was the natural choice to work with when I encountered my first artistic challenge.

Our neighbors had a satellite dish that wasn’t exactly beautiful.  To hide it from our view, I created some copper planters to form a beautiful screen. From small seeds, great inspiration grows. Today, our product line includes copper planters, garden trellises, indoor and outdoor copper furniture, installation pieces, and even one of a kind copper sculptures.

Collaboration and Communication

The most wonderful part of this process is watching a project come to life. Creation is a collaborative process. Through every stage, I’m in touch with our customers, sending them pictures of the work as it comes together. They love seeing the forms take shape and especially the patina process.

I thrive on their input: hearing how to make each piece reflect their vision is the challenge that keeps me happy and inspired. It’s a privilege and an honor to work with each and every one of you. Together, we’re making the world a more beautiful place.

Hands and Hammers

I’m not interested in mass production. That’s not what this is about. Aside for one drill, there are no power tools in my studio. Everything comes from my hands and my hammers. It takes longer to do things this way, and I think the results are well worth it.

Each copper decor piece is completely unique: no two forms, textures, or patinas are ever exactly alike. I want our friends and customers to enjoy having a truly one of a kind creation.